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Activity Fields

Our activity fields are comprised within the following purposes:


Appraisal for Expropriation Purposes

In this particular field, real estate appraisal services are provided based on specialized investigation, the gathering of relevant data considering and the value of the appraised property with its incurred damages, often caused by a forced dispossession.

We have thus studied numerous cases of forced relocation of manufacturing and/or retail businesses and have analyzed the many costs related to these particular situations.

Impartiality is main support of confidence toward an expert-witness such an appraiser. With this simple principle in mind, our expertise is known to be highly regarded by specialized tribunals.

Throughout the years, we have represented both sides and have proceeded to numerous important studies such as:

  • Place Radio-Canada (Montreal)
  • Lots grouping the Rivière-des-Prairies Ward in Montreal and in the City of Anjou
  • Décarie Boulevard
  • Transcanadian Highway
  • Métropolitain Boulevard
  • Acquisition for Public Park purposes by the MUC
  • Mirabel International Airport
  • Place Guy-Favreau
  • Complexe Desjardins
  • Numerous enlargements or improvements of Routes & Parks for Transports Quebec, Public Works Canada & numerous Municipalities
  • Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Autoroutes 30, 19 and 440
  • Park & Municipality of Oka
  • Extension of the Montreal Metro
  • Creation of Industrial Parks in the City of Montreal
  • Autoroute 55
  • Turcot Interchange (Montreal) 
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Appraisal for Insurance Purposes

After a serious sinister, 43% of businesses never reopen, and 23% go out of business within three years because of inadequate insurance coverage. To obtain enough coverage to protect against a loss without being over insured, accurate property values must be determined. Our services meet this need by establishing:

  • Current replacement costs
  • Proof-of-Loss
  • Annually updated property values

Our expertise in that field extends to any type of real estate, among others:

  • Multifamily complex
  • Commercial building (office, shopping center)
  • Co-ownership building (condominium complex)
  • Institutional & religious buildings (college, school, monastery, church)
  • Hospital complex
  • Hotel complex
  • Multidisciplinary complex (mixed uses)
  • Industrial building (manufacture, warehouse, distribution center)
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Appraisal for Acquisition, Sale, Income Statement, Sharing, Financing & Mortgage Purposes

We prepare studies in order to estimate the market value of real estate of residential, commercial, industrial & institutional type for any required purposes. For example, our professional expertise has been considered in the completion of several hypothetical development urban projects. Management firms, real estate developers and petroleum firms, public, para-public and private organisms and also lending institutions, have also retained our services.

  • Acquisition & Selling of Real Estate
  • Structure of Partnership / Joint Ventures
  • Feasibility Analyses
  • Mortgages / New Construction / Extension Financing
  • Sale / Leaseback Transaction
  • Annual Valuations to meet Changing Government Regulations
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Appraisal for Fiscal Purposes

More and more professionals in estate inheritance planning and financial advisors recommend to their clients to retain the professional services of Chartered Appraisers in order to estimate the exact market value of real estate asset at a precise date. This action tends to secure Governments Tax Department.

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Appraisal for Tax Appeal Purposes

Sometimes assessors tend to overlook factors that affect property values and can result in artificially high values. With the overwhelming quantity of jurisprudence and with constant amendments to the Act Respecting Municipal Taxation, the appraiser has become an essential element in the tax appeal process. In fact, we are often consulted to give a motivated opinion on the assessment value to be in the next roll.

In this particular work frame, we are an essential actor of the negotiation process, in the making of narrative reports, in the preparation of the causes with attorneys and in the testimony as an expert witness before the Administrative Tribunal of Quebec (TAQ).

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Arbitration & Litigation Support

Our professional services are required in this particular domain where we are invited to arbitrate disputes over market value allegations like land value or rental value.

Attorneys depend on us for consultation and expert testimony when valuation is an issue. Whether a case involves taxes, real estate, bankruptcy, or securities, we can provide motivated valuation conclusions and expert testimony before any Court of law. Our full range of services addresses areas such as:

  • Corporate planning
  • Buy / Sell agreements
  • Master limited partnership
  • Estate, gift and income taxes
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Appraisal for Acquisition Projects of Right-Of-Ways

We have participated in numerous acquisition projects involving temporary and permanent right-of-ways in order to permit the implantation of an aerial or underground transportation network for electricity, natural gas or liquefied products (such as oxygen, nitrogen, petroleum, etc...) distribution. We offer a complete range of services for right-of-way projects such as line location, land appraisal, option negotiation, liaison agent services and Court testimony.

In proceeding with the proper acquisition of such right-of-ways, the following major firms/organizations have retained our services throughout the years in order to establish proper compensation mode and in negotiation for reasonable indemnities for specific projects.

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Asset-Based Lending & Workouts

When advance rates are being calculated for a refinancing, leverage buyout, or recapitulation, collateral values must be on target. Our extensive databases reflect the latest auction values and insure the most accurate, dependable asset values.

Our services for asset-based lenders include:

  • Machinery and Real Estate for all major Industries
  • Auction, Liquidation, Distress or Fair Market Value
  • Appraisal to meet due diligence requirements

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