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Neighbourhood (Voisinage)
Area with distinctive characteristics susceptible to create linkages of common interests.
Net Income (Revenu net)
Remaining income to landlord after deduction from the gross income of any expenses necessary to maintain an optimal income such as: municipal and school taxes, insurance premiums and all expenses not reimbursed by the tenants for common services to the property, its surveillance and most of all its maintenance.
Nominal Value (or Face Value)
The nominal value of a loan is a relatively formal value used to calculate interest payments. In the simplest cases, it equals the amount of money the issuer received for each bond and the amount that it will repay upon redemption.
Notice of Assessment (Avis d’évaluation)
Document sent by the municipality, to the inscribed owner, in accordance with section 81 of the Act respecting municipal taxation (R.S.Q., chapter F-2.1), for the purpose to inform him of the main data concerning his property as entered on the property assessment roll.
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