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Undivided Co-Ownership (Copropriété indivise)
The law provides for two types of co-ownership: divided and undivided. A property of this type belongs to several individuals, called undivided co-owners. No one owner owns an exclusive portion of the property; rather, they each own a fraction. Undivided co-ownership of a property begins informally when several persons, the undivided co-owners, acquire ownership of the same property. However, where an immovable is involved, it is in the interests of the undivided co-owners to draw up and register a formal agreement among themselves. The indivision agreement must be published to be enforceable against third persons.
Unit of Assessment (Unité d'évaluation)
Immovable or group of immovables entered on the roll under a single file number. See section 34 of Act respecting municipal taxation.
Urban sprawl (Étalement urbain)
Uncontrolled expansion of constructed zones at the outskirt of an urban space.
Use of Premises (Jouissance des lieux)
Right of the tenant or landlord to use the premises without being disturbed.
Useful life (Vie utile)
The period during which a construction is used for the end to which it was indented until its decommissioning, closure or its demolition.
Usufruct (Usufruit)
Usufruct is the right of use and enjoyment, for a certain time, of property owned by another as one's own, subject to the obligation of preserving its substance. Usufruct, like use, servitude and emphyteusis are dismemberments of the right of ownership and are real rights.
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