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Appraisal Methods (Méthodes en évaluation foncière)

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Term Definition
Appraisal Methods (Méthodes en évaluation foncière)
When appraising a property, and depending on the type of property, data is sought in the market on such factors as sales and/or offerings of similar improved properties or parcels of vacant pieces of land, as well as current prices at the appraisal date for construction materials and labor, rentals of similar properties and their operating expenses, and current rates of return on income producing properties. From this data, a value may be developed both for the land and its improvements, as a whole. When applying the three (3) recognised methods in real estate appraisal, we tend to analyse the data in our possession and estimate the probable market value of the subject property. These methods are as follows: the Cost Approach, the Income Approach and the Direct Comparison Approach.
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