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Divided Co-Ownership (Copropriété divise)

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Term Definition
Divided Co-Ownership (Copropriété divise)
The law provides for two types of co-ownership: divided and undivided. Divided co-ownership, as the name implies, permits the division of a building into fractions. A fraction may belong to one or more persons. Each owner of a fraction has the exclusive ownership of a private portion of the immovable and has an undivided right of ownership, that is, a share proportionate to the relative value of his fraction, in the common portions of the immovable. The common portions belong to all the co-owners. Each owner of a fraction may hypothecate it (give it as security) to guarantee the repayment of the sums borrowed to purchase it. Each hypothec is separate. Condominium owners are not affected by a neighbour’s hypothecary difficulties.
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