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Low-Rent Housing Program (Habitations à loyer modique - HLM)

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Low-Rent Housing Program (Habitations à loyer modique - HLM)
The low-rent housing program was set up in 1969 as part of a Canada-Quebec framework agreement on public housing. Created during a housing shortage, the program aimed initially to provide municipalities with housing solutions for their citizens, many of whom were displaced by major urban renewal at the time (particularly in Montreal). Later, in the eighties and nineties, rules for granting housing were clarified and modified so that low-rent homes today are reserved for people with low incomes. As soon as the program was launched, the city of Montreal decided to take part and entrusted the OMHM with managing new homes being constructed. Tenants in this program pay a rent equalling 25% of their income, plus additional fees for electricity and, if needed, a parking space or air conditioner. The operating deficit for such housing is covered by the federal government (55%), provincial government (35%) and CMM (10%).
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